The Rains Have Returned

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

After a long and dry season, the rains have finally returned to Panama.  For about a week we have had daily rainfalls in the metropolis, albeit with some collateral damage. Together with heavy rainfalls, we are now experiencing unusual strong winds, city floodings, lightning and loud thunder.  I’m afraid we can’t have it all.  As the saying goes, “you can’t have the cake and eat it too.”

Having said that, everybody here is relieved to experience the gurgling streams and rivers.  Life is returning to a dry and thirsty land. Thank you Mother Nature.

Good Day!

8 thoughts on “The Rains Have Returned”

  1. Yesterday was a rain day here, too. Now, we have clearing skies. Once the fog is gone, we’ll have sunshine and lower humidity for the weekend — perhaps our last truly pleasant weekend until next fall. (Unless you happen to prefer hot and humid.) I’m glad your patience was rewarded!

    1. Hot and humid is not exactly a good formula for comfort, but if we need to have it in order to have some precipitation, that’s okay with me. The drought was a heavy toll for the population of this small nation. It was time to reverse the dry season. Besides, I’ve always loved rain.

      I’m glad you had your fair share of good weather. Sorry you’ll have to wait till next fall to enjoy good weather again.

    1. Indeed Barbara; it has been the worst drought the country has experienced that I can remember. Fortunately rainfall has returned to normal levels and water reservoirs, streams and rivers are returning to their normal levels. El Niño is gone for the moment. The new problem are floods. But as you know, “there is no such thing eas a free lunch”.

  2. Hola Omar,
    Here in North Texas I thought we were in Panama! Except I never saw HAIL in Panama. We had the worst hail, lightning, rain and wind storm we have seen in 36 years, and all in the same storm! Our whole neighborhood now has new roofs and some folks have new cars as well. The ferocity of the storm scared even me and I’m fearless! haha

    I love Panama’s rains, sometimes the winds are a bit much but mostly I love the freshness after the downpour. In the past, the storms were so predictable that it was easy to plan around them. Mother Natural seems to have lost her watch, lately. Just glad to see rain there again.
    jim and nena

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      We are much relieved for having our rains back. Thanks God for that. However, we would like our showers to be less dramatic; meaning less thunder, less lightnings, less floods, and finally, less destructive winds. Other than that it’s blue skies overhead.

      After the recent showers, things are getting back to business as usual. Boquete is planting new crops and we should have a good harvest in the works. El Niño has gone on vacation and we are waiting on La Niña and her bag of tricks. Fingers crossed.

      Mother Nature is lately bringing in new tricks to surprise us.

      Thank you for keeping me on the loop regarding Texas weather. Will do the same with our weather.



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