Light Manipulation

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Recently we installed several horizontal shades in the house.  The ones we had were old and battered and screaming to be replaced.  We listened and acted upon their request.

After the shades were installed, I tested each one just to be sure everything was in order before I paid the installation bill.  Indeed the company did their homework.

While opening and closing the light-brown-wooden shades, I noticed how easy it was to control the light inside the room.  Just by pulling the tassel cords, I was able to make the room dark or completely bright.  That is exactly what we do with our cameras when we are setting it to take a shot.

In photography it’s called the “Exposure Triangle”.  Let me expand a bit on that jargon.  The Exposure Triangle is a common way of associating the three variables that determine the correct exposure of a photograph; (e.g., aperture, shutter speed and ISO).

One must balance all three to achieve a desired result; an adjustment of one requiring adjustments of at least one of the others.  The mastery of the variables of the exposure triangle is absolutely crucial both for technique and composition.

Knowing the exposure triangle is crucial to getting technically correct images and controlling your composition.  Put your camera in manual mode and begin experimenting with the three variables mentioned earlier.  You’ll have an intuitive grasp of them before you know.

Interesting how an innocent installment of wooden shades reminded me of the way a camera obscura controls light.  Lessons can be learned from simple everyday events.

Good Day!

2 thoughts on “Light Manipulation”

    1. I am thoroughly convinced that observation and experimentations are the best tools to learn. Many of man’s invention came from innocent observations about a casual event. We’re on the same page my dear. Glad it is that way. 🙂

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