Strange Kitchen Utensil

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Picture of a wooden kitchen utensil used in Colombia (South America) to stir hot chocolate as part of a typical Colombian breakfast.  It was given to us by a dear friend who went to Colombia on vacation.

At home we don’t drink hot chocolate for breakfast; therefore it has never been used.  But we have kept it in our kitchen as an interesting souvenir from a dear friend.

We prefer our delicious Panama Café Durán to start our day.

Good Day!


4 thoughts on “Strange Kitchen Utensil”

  1. If I’d just glanced at it, I would have thought it was a wooden “egg” used for darning socks! I have my great-grandmother’s butter paddle hanging on the wall. I don’t churn my own butter, but I like having it around.

  2. In all my years I think it is a honey dipper but i can’t imagine what else it might be. Dip this in a jar of honey and enough sticks to it to cover a slice of bread by letting the honey run off onto the bread. It looks rough cut on the end, so the one we have is smooth with a couple of groves in the side. Each grove helps hold more honey than just dipping a plain round stick in the honey.

  3. Hi Abe, interest comment regarding the honey spreader and the chocolate stirrer. I guess the mind juices never stop when you are thirsty for chocolate or hungry for sweet bread or pancakes.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments. Hope all is well with your health.

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