Tall Sailboat Transiting The Panama Canal

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Photograph of a tall ship on its way from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.  By the yellow and green flag, you can see it’s a Brazilian vessel.  A transit from one ocean to the other takes about eight hours.  A drop in the bucket if you consider the distance saved if you have to sail all the way under the tip of South America.

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7 thoughts on “Tall Sailboat Transiting The Panama Canal”

  1. I’ve known people who’ve transited the Canal, though not in such a large boat. Some of my customers have flown down to be line-handlers for other cruisers, too. It must be quite an experience. Actually, I know it is, for the smaller sailboats, that have to go through in tandem with ships. Nerve-wracking, to be sure.

    1. It should be a memorable experience for sure. I’m embarrased to admit I have never made a transit through the waterway, even though I could have when I was working for Texaco in the Marine Department. But that is water over the dam.

      On Sunday, June 26th, the Panama Canal Authority will inaugurate the expansion of the canal and it’s going to be a big party. The first New Panamax ship crossing the expanded canal will be a Chinese ocean liner called “Andronikos” of China COSCO Shipping. Now the canal is in the big leagues competing face to face with the big guys in the transportation business. Glad to see it happen in my lifetime. The exapnsion took a toll of over seven billion dollars and carried out in nine years.

      The new larger size of ships, called New Panamax, is about one and a half times the current Panamax size and can carry over twice as much cargo. China COSCO Shipping has won the draw for the first transit through the Expanded Panama Canal during the waterway’s inauguration on Sunday, June 26. The shipping line’s container vessel Andronikos will be making the inaugural transit. The vessel, which has a maximum capacity of 9,400 TEUs, is 8.25 meters in beam and 299.98 meters in length…Quite a leap forward, isn’t it?

      1. Hello Omar,
        I am glad I have come across your website and found it very useful and interested. Friend of mine and I will be visiting Panama within a couple of weeks and I would like to ask you a few questions. We are planning to visit Boquete and Chiriquí Province and would like to hear your opinion regarding the travel between Panama and David/Boquete. I really like a nature and thinking of renting a car and drive between these cities. What the nature between these destination look like? Is it worth this long drive? If there is not much to see, maybe it would be better to fly to David and than rent a car over there and visit Boquete.
        Of course, we do plan to visit the Panama Canal, but I am getting confused with many choices being unclear to me. Does this trips go all the way from the Panama to Colon and back? Do you know if it is possible to go on a ship one way and return back from Colon by train?

        Best Regards,

      2. Hello Hus:

        Really there is not much to see if you drive from Panama City to the Province of Chiriquí where David and Boquete are located. I would recommend that you fly over which is a rather short flight—about half and hour. A taxi will take you to David and a bus will take you to Boquete. Here there is plenty to see. Chiriquí is the highlands of Panama with lush vegetation, a wide variety of birds, and pristine streams. The weather is Boquete is nice and cool with lots of fresh air. It is my favorite place to visit. Recommend that you take a camera with you, that is if you enjoy photography.

        If you want to wander through the highlands area, a rented car is highly recommended. With a GPS, like Garmin, you would drive smoothly and get a good idea of the geographical area. There is a hotel in the middle of a coffee plantation, called Hotel Lérida, which I fully recommend.

        There are tourist packages for transiting the Panama Canal and of course you can return by train back to the city. All of this can be arranged by your hotel in Panama City. The waterway was recently expanded, so a visit is a must-see if you visit Panama.

        I trust I have answered your questions. Have a happy stay in Panama. Best of luck.



  2. Hi Omar,

    Thank you so much for your prompt respond and answer to all of my questions. That’s exactly what I need.
    Best Regards,


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