Hello! Anybody There?

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

This is Dana, the youngest of “The Twisters”.  This picture was shot last year.  Now Dana is almost three years old.  Her next birthday will be in August.  Lots of cake and ice cream will be around for this event.  On top of her cake; three red candles.

It’s amazing how time slips away.

Good Day!


6 thoughts on “Hello! Anybody There?”

    1. Yes she is. I can imagine her when she will be twenty-two, fresh out of college. Only I wonder if I will be there to savor the event.

      Time…if only had more of it! But it is what it is.

      Once again my dear friend, congratulations on the sucess of Jamala and her song “1944”. Ukraine must be today over the moon after she won the prize of best song.

    1. Children have the most creative minds you can think of. I’ve heard the expression, that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you need to have the imagination of a child. I guess it is true. There is nothing impossible to a child, thus Dana speaking over a car-phone.

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