Tropical Tree in Bloom

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


2 thoughts on “Tropical Tree in Bloom”

  1. Love that yellow! Trees in bloom can be just spectacular, and this one certainly is. My time in Liberia offered wonderful trees of many colors. When I looked just now, I found that Panama City is roughly 9 degrees north latitude, and Liberia is 7 degrees. That explains a similarity in trees (although other things of course allow for some differences.)

    1. I hear you Linda when you say that “other things of course allow for some differences.” I’m absolutely with you on that.

      The more I listen to news about events happening in Africa, the less I undestand why there isn’t there a change in the way their leaders behave. Besides the extraordinary example demonstrated by Nelson Mandela, African leaders haven’t been very good at portraying high-quality leadership. It is sad, because Africa has so much to show the world besides greedy generals only interested in their own personal interests. I hope another Mandela is out there growing up to shine when his or her time is ripe.

      It is beginning to rain once more in Panama City, and it seems that the drought is over. Nature is painting the landscape in different shades of green and bright tropical colors. It’s nice to stroll through the parks and watch the transition from the dry to the wet season.

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