Aloe Vera’s Flowers

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


7 thoughts on “Aloe Vera’s Flowers”

    1. Thank you Ana. I was thinking about kissing the flowers with difussed light. The delicate light contrasted well with the black background. I liked the shot as well.

      Recently read your post about kissing. It was very interesting. Never was a good kisser. Never learned to do it right. I understand French are well known for their kisses. Anyway it was a good post. I enjoyed it.

    1. My pleasure, Taphian. Aloe vera plants do not bloom all the time. For more than fifteen years we have had two plants growing in our front garden. Only about six monhs ago, we have seen their flowers. It was a very exciting moment to capture them with our camera and share the pictures with our readers.

  1. It is exciting when one of the slow growers – slow bloomers finally puts on a show. This one’s a beauty, and you’re rightly proud of the plant and your photo.

    1. I recall that you have a cactus that was also a late bloomer and its flowers were amazing. Plants are so interesting to watch and their beauty is second-to-none.

      After my retirement and I embraced photography, I’ve opened my eyes and have discovered so much beauty around me. Beauty that had been invisible for so many years.

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