Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

This is Carol, one of the Twisters, when she was four years old with her father, Alcibiades.  Now she is ten.  Faster than you can wink an eye, she has blossomed into a beautiful girl.

It’s absolutely amazing how time flies, thus the importance of the expression “Carpe Diem”.  May he force be with you Carol!

Good Day!


6 thoughts on “Flashbacks”

    1. I recall, it was only yesterday when we went to a baseball game where this picture was taken. That was six years ago, for crying out loud! Where did that time go? Back then I was 63, now I’m 69…and aging. Amazing how the clocks ticks!

      Carpe Diem, my dear friend, Carpe Diem.

      Cheers Barbara,


    1. You are so kind, Linda. That’s the fuel that keeps me moving forward. We love those Twisters, as you already know. The problem is, they are growing so fast, that soon they will be no children anymore. And adults are not that fun to be around with. 🙂



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