Selecting a New Blog Theme

After using WordPress’s “MistyLook Theme” for several years—too many—, I thought it was time to make a facelift to Lingua Franca.

Spent hours looking at the different themes available and finally made the decision to go with the “The Afterlight Theme” which matches very well my my photography needs.  The photographs are larger than in previous theme, thus you can appreciate the details of the pictures better.  Colors, tones, patterns, textures, brightness, contrast, highlights and other characteristics, are greatly enhanced with this theme.

Furthermore, it has a minimalistic approach.  Nothing to distract the viewers, but the photographs themselves as the main subject of interest.

Okay, that’s it folks.  I hope you will enjoy the new appearance of Lingua Franca starting today.

Good Day!

4 thoughts on “Selecting a New Blog Theme”

  1. Wow! That full screen flower display really rocked me in my chair. haha Wasn’t expecting it, good think I already had my wake up coffee. I like it!
    Oh, Hola Omar (almost forgot my manners in the excitement!)

  2. Hola Jim & Nena:

    While exploring for a new theme in WordPress, I was knocked out when I saw “The Afterlight” theme. I wrote in a recent post, about the advantages of the theme. I’m glad you enjoyed the surprise and excitement. Changes are good, to keep the creative juices flowing.



    1. Hi Barbara;

      As you noticed, I have a new WordPress theme. The main picture will be changed frequently. I like the huge main picture and the size of the fonts and the size of the posted photos as well. Overall, I like the appearance of the new theme. It’s called “The Afterlight Theme”. And it’s free!

      Week is going fine. 🙂



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