“Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught, will we realize we cannot eat money.”—Cree Indian Proverb

Several decades ago, generations of inhabitants from the Provinces of Los Santos, Herrera and Coclé chopped down their forests in order to give way to green pastures for their cattle.  The name of the game was “potreros” for the cattle ranches.

Little did they know, that it was the beginning of a change of weather patterns that would end in severe absence of water.  If you add the natural phenomenon of “El Niño”, the climatic situation becomes worse.

Even as we speak, the Dry Belt is experiencing one of the the most severe droughts in the history of the region.  Rivers are evaporating like Harry Potter’s magic.  Wells are also drying up and rain is not expected until May or late June.

The government is desperaely trying to supply water to the thirsty communities through large water trucks. It helps but is not a long term solution.  In my opinion, the solution is to reforest the region as soon as possible.  It will take decades to bring the area back to the way it was with abundant water, but it has to be done.

Meanwhile the prayers for water remains in our churches while the sun gobbles up the ramaining water still flowing in gaunt streams and rivers.  Will we learn the lesson?  I don’t have the answer.  Time will tell.

Good Day


6 thoughts on “Drought”

  1. Drought’s no fun, to say the least. I’ve seen it described as a slow-motion disaster, and I think that’s exactly right. Sometimes, they’re part of the cycles of nature. Sometimes, the effects are heightened by human activity. In the end, the cause doesn’t make the coping any easier.

  2. Morning Linda:

    I agree with you. Whether the drought is caused by the cycles of nature or by human activity, it still hurts. It hurts badly. The pboblem is that you don’t know when it will be over. The uncertainly increases the pain.

    I hope we are near the end, and soon this nightmare will be over. Hope is a wonderful word.



  3. Oh, it sounds scary and awful! Dear Omar, I also do hope, let’s join our efforts and people will never see this again ever!

    1. Hi Ana:

      Water is the one element we can not live without. It is the core of life. Our body needs water to survive. And yet we take it for granted. At least that is the case in our country.

      People waste water while bathing, washing their cars, cleaning their garages or just washing their hands or shaving. Thousands of gallons of clean water are wasted every single day. That has to stop—now!

      We must protect our fragile planet because there is no place else we can go. Mother Earth is our only home at this moment in time.

      Take Care,


  4. If each one tries to do something … even in some small way like planting a tree, minimising consumption, recycling, the effects will accumulate and build. Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the mighty land. So too will our little deeds create a big impact so lets not give up but start with ourselves.

    1. You are absolutely right Rambling Rose. It is exactly what we have to do starting today. Imagine everybody in the globe, taking steps to protect our environment. The problem will go away in a few years.

      However, people will not do it; specially those loaded with hubris and greed. Rich and powerful corporation can care less about the health of our planet. The only sound they enjoy is the ring of the cash register.

      Thank you for your solid arguement.

      Best Regards,


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