Star Wars Stormtrooper

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Last week my wife traveled to the countryside to visit her relatives.  I stayed home to take care of the house.  Too many burglaries during this intense migration from the metropolis to the countryside.

All the meals were prepared in advance, and all I had to do was to warm it up in the micro wave oven.  And voilá—ready!  Breakfast is a different story.  I’m was control of that territory, but it’s no big deal.  Bread, jam, yellow cheese, sliced ham and coffee with cream and sugar.  That’s it.  Piece of cake.

What you see in the picture above is a small Black & Decker where I make my coffee.  I don’t know if you agree with me, but it looks like a Star Wars Paratrooper—only in black.

Oh…BTW, wife is back.  Business as usual.  🙂

Good Day!


6 thoughts on “Star Wars Stormtrooper”

  1. I’ve never seen Star Wars, but even I can recognize a Paratrooper when I see one — or at least, when one is pointed out.

    You made me curious. I have a Black and Decker, too. They’re such good machines, I can’t even remember how long I’ve had it. It’s been a while.

    1. Hi Linda:

      The B&D on the picture is quite recent. But we had a General Electric coffee brewer for over thirty years. We got it as a wedding present. It was a wonderful and reliable electronic device.

      This one is new and seems to do its work pretty well. We don’t use it that much, my wife prefers to brew our coffee the old way, with a piece of cloth adhered to a wire ring. It works just fine, and no electricity is needed.



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