Smoke and Flames in the Sky

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

A masterpiece painted by Mother Nature.  What seems to be flames in the sky is really the sun breaking through thick clouds.  What seems to be smoke above the flames are actually dark clouds above Panama City’s at day break.

No picture editing whatsoever.  Straight out of the camera. Picture taken with a modest P&S Canon PowerShot A720 IS—handheld.

Good Day!

9 thoughts on “Smoke and Flames in the Sky”

  1. Hola Omar,
    Fantastic photo. I used to watch the sun rise AND set in the Pacific Ocean. I was living on the last stop on the Causeway and it was very unsettling at first for a kid from the midwest USA. The clouds were always spectacular, just like in your photos. Thank you. jim

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      It is becoming a ritual of going out to the terrace and gaze at the sky. The dome is like a humungous canvas where Mother Nature paints her master pieces. Sometimes she is lazy and there are no interesting pictures, but on other occasions her paintings are absolutely stunning.

      I would love to photograph an Aurora Borealis, but we don’t have those in Panama. Sigh…

      I understand what you mean about Panama’s special geographic position. Many people are totally perplexed on Panama’s sun rising/setting phenomenon. And yes, the Causeway is the place to be. You were most fortunate to live there.



  2. I’m so glad this isn’t really flames and smoke! We’ve had several wildfires in Texas this week, so that was the first thing I thought of. The photo’s very nice, and much more appealing than a fire would be.

    The comments about the sun rising and setting remind me of how unsettling it was for me when I moved to Liberia, and saw the sun setting over the Atlantic. It’s really amazing how “wrong” it felt.

    1. Sorry for the off topic but I have a brother in Liberia now working with the medical and agricultural teams. He says his “compass” is always confused while he is there. 🙂

      As to fires, Fort Worth was drowned with rain and hail this week. Spring!

      1. Where’s your brother? I was at Phebe, working mobile maternal child health clinics, and did some teaching in Gbarnga. It’s a good country, filled with good people, and undergoing a good bit of trouble.

      2. The last I heard, he was headed for Boway to help set up the school there. Earlier he was helping villagers dig water wells for their village. He has been there all of March and heads back in April.

  3. Hello Linda:

    We’re having those too in large numbers. They are so many that it surpasses the resources of the Fire Department. So far no houses have been lost, but it has been pretty close from happening.

    When I saw the photo on my computer screen, I saw flames and smoke. Fortunately it wasn’t so. The drought continues. Rains expected by mid June, very far away.



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