The Creeping Metropolis

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


4 thoughts on “The Creeping Metropolis”

    1. Morning Barbara:

      Thirty-six years ago we lived in the outskirsts of the city. Now we are in within the metropolis itself surrounded by tall towers. Individual houses are being destroped and replaced with high-rise buildings.

      The growith of Panama City is exponential. Even as we speak, there are two construction projects in progress three blocks from our house. This is not good for us.



  1. Yeah, I know that you mean! I hardly can recognize my city now, it changed for worse, only high buildings, so many shops that I think there is not enough people and money to spend them there! Cars, cafes at every corner, huh, I feel like being stuck between concrete. Good photo! Good day to you too!

    1. Hello Ana:

      That is exactly what I told my wife a few months ago, “Aura, I feel like a stranger in my own city. Look around. It’s so different nowadays.”

      Residential buildings are being gobbled up by high-rise apartment structures like the ones in the photograph. The cost of land is so expensive, that the only way to make a fast buck is to grow upwards.

      We fear that in the next five year we will be totally surrounded by tall towers suffocating our fresh air supply and limiting our view. It’s frightening to say the least.

      Malls are sprouting like fresh green grass after a spring cloudburst. Who are buying at these places? Beats me!



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