A Twister And Her Dolls

Donna, the smallest of “The Twister” with her two friend-dolls, Sophy (left) and Bobby (right).  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Picture of Bobby, one of Danna’s friend-dolls.  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


4 thoughts on “A Twister And Her Dolls”

  1. A few years ago, well, actually several decades ago, our girls had to have what were called, “Cabbage Patch Dolls.” They were hand made and each one was different. One of my daughters had to wait 6 weeks for her doll to be made available as there was a big backlog of orders. Type “Cabbage Patch Dolls” on your search engine and you can see under images the collections. My daughter finally got one and it was a little black baby doll. I wonder if she still has it? I will have to ask her.

  2. Morning Abe:

    I remember those “Cabbage Patch Dolls”. In Panama, as the rest of the world”, they were a must have for girls. Now it’s only a memory. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if an adult woman still has a well kept collection of the dolls she got for Christmas when she was a child.

    Trends change with time, and every time, Madison Avenue smiles all the way to bhe bank.

    Parents, reach deep into their pockets to buy the trendy toys to make their children happy. Nothing beats the smile on a child’s face. 🙂



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