Lottery Seller on a Lonely Corner

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

A lonely lotto seller sits and waits for customers on a corner of a Colombian restaurant one lazy Sunday morning.  Customers are scarce.  Most of them are sleeping after a raucous evening.  The Pedestrian street has not yet awaken. The muscle sleeps.

Good Day!


7 thoughts on “Lottery Seller on a Lonely Corner”

    1. Morning Linda:

      Luck is very evasive, specially in gambling. The probabilities of winning far outweigh the probabilities of losing. Yet people often bet the farm on a racing horse, a racing hound, wrinckled lottery tickets, rolling dices, deck of cards, ivory dominoes rectangles, and the list gets larger and larger.

      In my dictionary, luck is an evasive event, but sometimes it happens. And when it does, it places a sparkling smile on your face.

      Bye, Bye,


  1. Nice photos and perspectives, Omar. Don’t love the early mornings when everyone is still tucked in their beds and you feel as though you have gotten something extra that they have all missed? 😉

    1. Morning Barbara:

      Thank you for your nice comment. You are so kind with me, dear Barbara.

      We, my wife and I, are early birds. When you are early to an event, you control the situation. On the other hand, when you are late to an event, the situation controls you.

      Roger that Barbara, we believe in being early to most, if not all, events. As the muscle sleeps, we act.



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