Reminiscence of Our Marriage

It was exactly 5:00 p.m. when we tied the knot at a church of El Cristo (The Christ) on July 12, 1980.  That was almost 36 years ago.  That is a bit more than my whole biological age.

We were wise enough to buy a brand new house before the event.  I didn’t want to rent an apartment.  Took the financial risk and plunged in with a 25-year mortgage with the Caja de Ahorros.  Five years later the mortgage was paid in full.  At that time I had a very good salary working as a Comptroller in a large sugar mill.

Rewinding a little, I recall the day I had to buy the rings.  Had no idea how to buy them or where.  By chance I happened into a modest jewelry at the now Pedestrian Street (then Central Avenue), asked for marriage rings and exited the place with two golden rings—and a smile on my face.  The cost?  Only sixty bucks.  Pretty cheap I might add.  Thirty-six years later we still have them.

Below is a recent picture of the jewelry store—Joyería Hawaii.  Take a look.

Photo of a small jewelry store on the Pedestrian Street in Panama City, Panama where I bought our wedding rings about 36 years ago.  It’s still doing business on the same spot.  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


11 thoughts on “Reminiscence of Our Marriage”

  1. Hola Omar y Aura,

    We are almost 10 years ahead in marriage (45 years last December). Married in the Union Church in Balboa and paid 34 bucks for gold rings near to where you got yours. I don’t remember exactly but it was just off Central Avenue.

    We still wear the same gold bands. I guess if we manage to wear them out, we will just have to buy new ones!? 🙂

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      Hey, what a serendipitous coincidence that we both both bought our wedding rings on the same area. That price is quite a bargain!

      I don’t think the rings will wear off. It’s most likely that the rings will wear us off as time passes by. 🙂

      On October 9, 2009, I worte a blog post about the Balboa Union Church. Maybe it will bring back happy memories of the time you spent in Panama and the day you and Nena said the famous binding words, “I Do”.

      This is the link to the post: The Balboa Union Church

      Happy Memories,


      1. Not only do I remember that post, I commented about it. 🙂
        We have been enjoying your blog for quite awhile.

  2. It’s wonderful that the shop is still there. That must just add to the pleasure of your memories. And the Balboa Union Church building is lovely. Thanks for linking to that, too.

    1. Hello Linda:

      My wife was with me when I took the shot of the old jewelry. We are both glad that it is still standing and wagging its tail.

      Regarding the Balboa Union Church, I reckon it will ring a bell or two to Jim & Nena who were married there more than 45 years ago. The structure hasn’t changed a bit.

      This church is located on the former Panama Canal Zone in the town of Balboa on the Pacific Side.



    1. Hi My Dear Ana:

      I’m afraid we will have to wait until July 12 of this year. However you can say that every day of the year is a wedding day. Don’t you agree?

      Thank you my dear for your sweet wishes. So far we’re doing great albeit fighting to keep our body and spirit in shape.

      Take Care,


  3. Hola Jim y Nena:

    Roger that Jim. I can see that you are indeed a dedicated and loyal reader of Lingua Franca. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

    How fast time flies!

    Take Care,


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