Street Art in Panama

Instead of painting distasteful graffiti on the walls, these guys are painting attractive street art on the walls of buildings on Pedestrian Street.  I find them pretty good, do you?  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


8 thoughts on “Street Art in Panama”

    1. Morning Indacampo:

      Thank you for your nice comment. We also do it here in Panama. I understand the event is held in the city of Penonomé, Coclé. The paintings are nothing less than spectacular.

      It is not exactly a competiton. It is a gathering of artists from all over the country who bring in their work to be sold. It’s becoming an important artistic event in the country. At this moment I can’t remember the date it’s held. Sorry!

      BTW, how’s the drinking water situation in Pedasí? It’s getting pretty frightening in the Dry Belt as the drought progresses.



      1. LOL! I entered my comment before it was complete and I’m not able to edit it. I began to say that by creating artwork in the blank spaces it stops the ugly graffiti as the other “artists” do not want to deface the themed murals.

        The first time we travelled to Panama I noticed there was little graffiti. How much has changed in 5+ years!

        There is lots of water here in Pedasi (so Snr Alcalde says), it’s getting it to some of the people with the older piping that is the issue and of course IDAAN is slow to react to the problem. The underground infrastructure is lacking and there was a leak at one of the pumps that took several days to get repaired.

        We have had no issues other than during Carnaval but I check frequently with mi amiga Panameña that lives on the Arriba side on her situation. Several of her neighbours go without water frequently although, normally her family has no issues. She is incredulous that her new (North American) neighbour has had a 2,500 gallon pool built and IDAAN came with a truck to fill it for $600.00.

        I have noticed several granjeros drilling wells as we drive the highways around town. People are worried that this will further deplete the water table but they have little choice. The rivers are very dry, almost non existent. We need a few years of good Wet Seasons to make up for the shortage and renew the underground cisterns.


  1. Hi Karen:

    Thank you much for the valuable information regarding what is going on in the countryside concerning water restrictions.

    You comments about Idaan filling up a large swimming pool for $600.00 is mind boggling. In Panama City that would be a scandal and somebody from Idaan would surely be fired.

    From what I understand, water is becoming more and more scarce even as we speak. If the drought continues until May or June, we would be in deep trouble. And the problem is, that the probabilities of this happening are very high. Fingers crossed.



    1. Hello Barbara:

      Wish we would have more of these street artists. Then the whole city would be a public art museum. Instead, graffiti has taken the city by storm. I wish that would change. I know tourists would enjoy…and many locals as well. I count myself as one.

      Thank for your rain prayers. We need plenty of them to bring back the rains. It really is getting uglier as time passes by.



  2. Hola Omar,
    I still say that the government should hire the guys that did all the diablo rojos and turn them loose on the new buses. 🙂

    I loved the colors and varieties of artwork on the diablos and that the artwork was about current happenings and celebrities, etc. Another plus is I didn’t need to move, I could sit on the bus stop all day and the artwork came to me. (Yeah, I am lazy like that.) jim

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      The diablos rojos became a “must see” for many tourists. They had the same allure of the buses in the Philippines Islands But now they’re gone.

      Just to bring you up to speed, the Metro Bus company was recently purchased by the Panama government. Maybe, just maybe, somebody in government would have a creative idea like yours and imitate the Diablos Rojos moving art. That would be a ingenious idea, if only one government official would the project to its final completion.

      I recall I took pictures of several Diablos Rojos and posted them here. Take a look Jim:

      Bidding Goodbye to the Diablos Rojos



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