A Farmers’ Market on the Pedestrian Street

‘ Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Picture of a small farmer’s market adjacent to the Pedestrian Street in the old sector of Panama City, known as Casco Viejo (Old Shell).

Places like these are sweet spots for residents of the neighborhood of Santa Ana earning modest incomes.  Prices here are considerably cheaper than those at the supermarket or “la tienda del chinito de la esquina” (the little Chinese store on the corner).

For these blue-collar workers, every single penny counts.  With the trend of higher food prices, it’s getting difficult to put food on the table.  That’s where farmers’ market come in—like the U.S. cavalry.

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6 thoughts on “A Farmers’ Market on the Pedestrian Street”

  1. Funny — farmers’ markets here tend to be more expensive than stores, often because they’re promoting locally grown or “organic” food to people willing to pay for it. I always buy certain things (eggs, lettuce, tomatoes) at the farmers’ market, from a seller I know, but other veggies, like broccoli or beans, I’ll buy from the stores because they’re half the price.

  2. Morning Linda:

    Mmm…interesting. We usually buy all our stuff at a nearby supermarket because their prices and quality of food is very good. Farmers’ markets are on the outskirts of the city plus it’s very difficult—almost impossible—to find available parking spaces.

    However, if we are driving by and find a parking space, we will take advantage of the opportunity of buying fresh veggies at very attractive prices. My wife usually buy bananas, potatoes, veggies, yucca roots, and fruits from them.



  3. Pls don’t refer to the US Calvary as though it was all good. The reality is that it slaughtered too many innocent people and the legend of its good deeds are in large part, fantasy.

    1. Hi Samsam1s:

      Please don’t take it literally. It is a well known and widely used idiomatic English expression. If you take it in context you will understand what I mean. Of course I repect your opinion as well as the opinions and comments of all our readers.



  4. Yeah, markets, supermarkets eat them for breakfast…joking. I do love going to markets, products there fresher and choice is bigger. But supermarkets are closer and provide a choice to choose…a tricky thing!

    1. Hello Dearest Ana:

      Roger that Ana. That’s our point for buying our groceries at a supermarket about three blocks from our house. Their merchandise is of good quality, and it makes my wife happy. What is the price of a happy wife? Endless!

      Take Care,


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