Black Balcony and Two Black Birds

Building located on the Pedestrian Street in the Old Shell of Panama City, Panama in Central America.  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


5 thoughts on “Black Balcony and Two Black Birds”

    1. Hello Ana:

      Thank you for those warm compliments that you convey every day to Yours Truly. I welcome them. Keep them coming.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the picture. A lot more are on the way.



  1. We would call those high-flying birds, “Crows” and as you probably already know, crows stay together as “family.” The parents are two and stay together through their life. Their first two babies are their babies and stick with the parents through life and the two babies then take care of any other new babies that the parents have. I feed our family of 5 crows every morning. Some days I feed them twice. I use shelled peanuts and small pellets of dog food. They come here every day. I like crows.

  2. Hello Abe:

    I never liked crows. They make strange noises, and in some instances, they attack people.

    My wife was attacked twice while walking home one afternoon. Here in Panama, many people use umbrellas to protect themselves against crows’ attacks.

    Having said that, I do appreciate their love and care of their own for life. We, human beings, should imitate such family-quality values.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    Take Care,


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