Painting With Light—Sunflower V

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

This will be the last photograph of these eye-opening flowers which captured the attention of Dutch Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh.  He was so infatuated with this flower that he insisted in painting it several times.

Van Gogh painted four versions of sunflowers dating from August and September 1888. Van Gogh intended to decorate Paul Gauguin’s room with these paintings in the so-called Yellow House that he rented in Arles in the South of France.

Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo in August 1888, ‘I am hard at it, painting with the enthusiasm of a Marseillais eating bouillabaisse, which won’t surprise you when you know that what I’m at is the painting of some sunflowers. If I carry out this idea there will be a dozen panels. So the whole thing will be a symphony in blue and yellow. I am working at it every morning from sunrise on, for the flowers fade so quickly. I am now on the fourth picture of sunflowers. This fourth one is a bunch of 14 flowers … it gives a singular effect.’

Sunflowers (Original title, in French:  Tournesols) painted by Dutch Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh in 1888.  Credit:  The National Gallery in London.

Now it’s time to move on to another subject, although I’m still inclined to keep on capturing  flowers with my camera.  There is something in flowers that makes me meditate about the source of this extraordinary beauty—God.

Good Day!


4 thoughts on “Painting With Light—Sunflower V”

  1. There is an English expression which I keep close to my heart; “Practice makes perfection”. I believe this is true if to stick to it like a laser beam.

    I would like to work on portraitures, but people here are very apprehensive on having their pictures taken. They somehow feel that photography is close related to pornography.

    Next wekk I’m going to place an ad in a local newspaper to see if I can get somebody to pose. Fingers crossed. I love to take pictures of people.

    Taking pictures of people is one of great joys of photography. You will experience a great sense of accomplishment when you capture the spirit and personality of someone in a photography. Time will tell if I achive this goal.

    Best Regards,


  2. Hello Barabara:

    That is what I want to do, but people here are afraid of having their pictures taken. I’m crossing my fingers that someone will have the courage to volunteer for a portrait session.

    Who know? It might happen when you least expect it. Omar will be very happy when that happens. Meanwhile I’m reading all I can about the subject.

    Have a great day my dear friend. 🙂


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