Behind the Scenes

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

This how I take my pictures in my back yard; specially pictures of flowers.  I use a plastic stand to place the subjects and use a small shrub as a green background.  During sunny days with hard light, I like to use a white umbrella as a diffuser to create soft light.  It always work.

In order to avoid camera shake, it is sometimes necessary to use a tripod.  When the wind is too strong, then I’ll have to wait until late afternoon or the next day early in the morning.  If I really want to take good pictures, I use a Yongnuo flash as a fill-in light.  That technique usually works well.

Having said this, below is the final result of all this planning and some basic photography accessories.  Voilá!

Photograph of a lovely sunflower shot early in the morning with my new 60mm macro lens.  The soft light was a result of using a white umbrella as a light diffuser.  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


9 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes”

  1. It’s always interesting to see a bit of the “behind the scenes” work, too. It’s like having a little photography tutorial with my morning coffee. And I must say, the result is lovely and cheery. Well done.

    1. Morning Linda:

      I thought it would be interesting to show the readers how I do some of my photography stuff. I’m sure each one has its own ways of taking pictures.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the sunflowers. They are so lovely, specially in the morning.



    1. Morning Barbara:

      I have been trying very hard to become an amateur photographer. But, to be candid with you, there is so much to learn, that sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel. But the comments of my readers like you, keep me going.

      The pictures of the sunflower, and there are several of them here, remind me of the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. He was deeply infatuated with sunflowers as you already know.

      This series of shots are to exercise composition, color, and lighting. So far so good.

      It makes me feel great, that you are noticing the progress of my work, but there is so much to learn and do in the immediate future.

      Nice to hear from you, Barbara.


    2. Hi Barbara:

      I’m glad you are enjoying our pictures of the flower that follows the sun. Photography rocks! There is still so much to learn as you can see.

      Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. That’s the gasoline that keeps bloggers moving forward.



  2. Sunflowers were my favorites too, Omar. I will have to post one as I am no longer able to get out and plant things much less take pictures of them.

  3. Hello Abe:

    What you can do Abe, is ask for one of your relatives to buy a bouquet of sunflowers at the supermarket and then photograph them at home. That’s what I do most of the time.

    Usually there’s too much wind outside, which provoke blurry pictures.

    Hope all is well regarding your health.



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