A Light Supper

Following our physician’s recommendations, we are very careful with our diet.  Overweight is not an option, plus our age requires special attention on what you eat and when we eat.

Usually our breakfast is very strong, lunch is moderate and supper is relatively light.  Below is a picture of our supper yesterday evening.  It consisted of smoked porkchop, tomatoes, and a roll of ground corn.  In Panama we call it “bollos”.

I looked for the English translation in Google, but couldn’t find a proper definition, so I decided to include a photograph of the bollos which we buy from Melo at the supermarket.

Picture of a roll of ground corn called “bollo” in Panama.  The round pancake-shaped figure is a “tortilla” also made from ground corn.  Both are very popular in this neck of the woods.  Credit:  Google images.
In addition to the food on the plate, we also enjoy Chinese tea to ease the digestion process.  After watching TV for a while, it’s time to “hit the sack”.  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


10 thoughts on “A Light Supper”

  1. The bollos look wonderful. I’m rather a fan of cornbread, and corn cakes, and fried cornmeal mush, so I suspect I’d like it. I may take a look in our supermarkets. It may well be there, and I just haven’t seen it.

    1. Hello Linda:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you find it. The Mexican population is very large in Texas, and as you know, they love all meals which has corn in them.

      I have never eaten corn bread yet and I don’t recall seeing it stocked in our supermarkets. I’ll my wife about it. Maybe she know, and will sink our teeth into a new product.

      Best Regards,


    1. Morning Ana:

      the pork chop was very good. It was seasoned with onions, celery, garlic, and green sweet pepper. It was no suffering at all. Never been an avid food fan. My wife has been teaching me over the years.

      Hope all is well at your end. Is the snow still melting?



      1. It is well here, dear Omar, thank you! Yes, snow is melting and we have a lot of water everywhere! I will steal a minute to write you soon! Take care! Hugs!

    1. Hello Barbara:

      Polenta is a new word for me. Will look it up later and increase my vocabulary. At our age, we are mandated to eat healthy food. Out with junk food at all. Our roads do not lead to McDonald’s in any way, shape or form. We prefer homemade meals.

      Enjoy the rest of the day my dear friend.


  2. We eat more junk food than you do, with an occasional sandwich made on your choice of bread, and then you choose the meat and all the rest that goes on it. One sandwich is 12 inches long or about that and is enough for both of us and the good thing is that we get our bread and our vegetables and greens with it. My breakfast this morning was one fried egg, two slices of toast and some orange slices. It was good but not typical. We do eat sausage or bacon with breakfast but had a slice of ham today. One slice then cut up into pie-shaped wedges. Sometimes we do not have meat. Two of our daughters are vegetarians.

    1. Hello Abe:

      Per our doctor’s recommendations, we have to be very selective on the kind of food we eat. For example, nothing that contains saturated fats like bacon, ham, sausage and similar foods.

      Fried food is out of the question due to its concentration of cholesterol which we are near the upper limit. Sweet stuff like cakes are also out of limits.

      You are fortunate that you have the possibility of eating a broader variety of food than we do. We are very restricted, but we are used to it.

      I’m glad that you seem to be healthy and very much wagging your tail.

      Take Care,


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