Trails In The Sky

Patterns in the sky above Panama City, Panama early this morning.  Very graphic isn’t it?  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

4 thoughts on “Trails In The Sky”

  1. Morning Linda:

    Thank you for the link. I was pretty warm when I said “trails in the sky”. They really look like streets in the sky.

    Lately as soon as I wake up, I walk over to the terrace to see how the sky looks like. Some days I’m in for pleasant surprises like this one and other you have seen in my earlier blog posts.

    There are so many things you can see about the world around you after training your eyes to “see” and just to “look”.



  2. Hi Ana:

    A good photographer will always enjoy the beauty of Nature. In this particular case, “Street Clouds” as they are called by metrologists.

    I’m very glad you enjoyed the picture. That’s what photography and blogging is all about—sharing stuff.



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