The Elusive Art of Cooking

As much as we like delicious food, not everybody has the skills to prepare unforgettable meals.  My wife is not a Cordon Bleu Chef, but she sure knows how to mix her ingredients to make finger-licking dishes.

I wouldn’t trade her home-made meals for expensive restaurant food; no matter how reputable the restaurant is.  She inherited her cooking skills from her mother.

Yesterday at mid-morning I went to the kitchen to drink some water.  The day was hot and my home office reflected that high temperature.  As I stepped into the kitchen, I saw the ingredients my wife was using to season two steaks for lunch.

This is what I saw.  The red color of the sliced up tomatoes lifted my eyebrows.  Take a look.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
The ingredients are:  tomatoes, culantro leaves, green pepper and white onions.  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

All shots were taken with a P&S Canon PowerShot A720 IS on Macro Mode and hand-held.  This camera is excellent to capture vivid colors as you can see in the pictures above.  Love this puppy.  Good Day!


6 thoughts on “The Elusive Art of Cooking”

  1. Those are some fine-looking tomatoes. The peppers and onions are lovely, photographically speaking, but my goodness: I would love to have a good, homegrown tomato about now.

    1. Hello Linda:

      On many occasions we have thought of having an urban vegetable garden in our backyard, but we always say “mañana” will be the perfect day. And of course “mañana” is never here. There is always another “mañana” and the vegetables have turned into a never-ending vaporware.

      Yep, I agree. Homegrown veggies are much better than the ones we buy at the supermarket.



  2. Hello Barbaa:

    Good for you. Can you share pictures of your vegetable garden for me to see? Sounds very interesting.

    Yes, the colors are very vivid and vibrant. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.



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