The Pizza Guys

Recently I visited El Dorado Mall to purchase some pills for my high blood pressure.  The place is near our home—about a 15-minute drive.

While at the mall, I stumbled haphazardly into a pizza restaurant with huge glass windows.  You could see how the pizzas were made through the transparent glass.  It was like watching a movie on a wide silver screen and in full technicolor.

The view was most appropriate for a few shots.  I had my cellphone with me, so it was no problem capturing the scene of the two persons involved in the process of making pizzas.  Take a look.

This was the view of two restaurant workers busy making pizza behind a huge  glass window.  I knocked on the window to ask autorization to take the pictures.  Both nodded and the pictures were taken.  Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

I liked the color of the uniform of the guy at the right—black and orange.  Good Day!


4 thoughts on “The Pizza Guys”

  1. Whereabouts in the mall is this Omar? Is it a restaurant or a kiosco? I’ll be going to the city at the end of the month to visit mi amiga in Bethania and I’d like to check this out. Gracias! Karen Ann

  2. Morning Karen:

    It is a restaurant inside El Dorado Mall right on the corner adjacent to Banco General. It is not a kiosko. It is in a such plain view that you can not miss it.

    Best of luck,


  3. Morning Abe:

    Hope you are feeling better today. By the way you write, it sure looks like it. Friends is a good word. It should be under everybody’s pillow when they go to sleep at night.

    Thank you so much for your complimentary words. You know that you have been my benchmark in photography and blogging for a very long time.

    God Bless,


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