Minimalistic Office Decoration

Yesterday we went to my wife’s doctor because she was having problem with her minor stomach aches.  We thought the problem was reflux, but later learned it could be an first stage of ulcers.  Now she has to undergo several stomach examination to see what will be her next treatment to alleviate the pain.  At 72, anything can happen to your old body.  I’m 69, so that means that anything unexpected can happen to me too.  Fingers crossed.  🙂

While my wife was being examined by the physician, I took a picture of a cluster of dry twigs neatly arranged on the corner of the office.  Fortunately I had my cellphone with me and I took the shot.  Decorations do not have to be abundant to make an office look nice.  Take a look.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


6 thoughts on “Minimalistic Office Decoration”

  1. Morning Ann:

    At this moment we don’t know my wife’s health condition. She has to take two exams before we know what is going on with her stomach pains. We don’t anticipate anything serious. We think it’s part of the aging process. Our bodies get weaker as time goes by. That’s the law of Nature, as you know.

    Thank you very much or asking, my friend.

    Take care and enjoy your magic white powdery snow.


    1. Morning Barbara:

      Those are wise words my friend, “Aging is not for the faint of heart”. We are crossing our fingers that my wife’s stomach problems are nothing serious. We will know as soon as her exams are turned it to my wife’s physician.

      Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. That’s a very nice gesture from you. We appreciate it.

      Best Regards,


  2. Best wishes to you both — the good news is, getting things checked out often prevents any real problem from developing.

    I’m really curious about what appears to be wallpaper behind the plant you photographed. I’ve looked and looked at it, trying to decide if it’s scientific notation, just scribbles, or doctors’ signatures. Or, perhaps it’s just an abstract pattern. It’s interesting, whatever it is.

    1. Hi Linda:

      That is exactly our purpose for meeting with our doctor every three months. We want to make sure we can stop a serious illness from developing by catching it on time.

      It’s an abstract pattern on the wall. At first I thought there were oriental letters (kanji). Dr. Ferrabone told me it was only decorations on the wall, nothing fancy of esoteric.

      I like the way you observe things. That’s the way a detective, a writer or a photographer works.

      Thank you for your best wishes for my wife’s minor health concerns. Soon we will know what is going on.



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