Purple Beauties

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

“The business of Life is the acquisition of memories, and at the end of day that is all there is.”Downton Abbey

Good Day!


7 thoughts on “Purple Beauties”

    1. Hello Eagle-Eyed Editor:

      Thank you for your positive comment. Yeah, I agree. The quote was a good one to compliment the blog post.

      I’m glad you visited Lingua Franca. Keep coming back, the red carpet it rolled out out for you.



    1. Morning my dear Barbara:

      So thrilled that you enjoyed our flowers. You can’t miss with flowers for a blog post.

      It’s lovely outside. The light is warm and orange and the birds are singing their morning songs. The weather right now (7:35 a.m.) is 22 degrees Celsius. Nice and cool. Sorry for your Eskimo temperatures.

      I wish I could neatly pack a bit of warm sun in an e-mail and send it to you right now to balance out your freezing temperatures. 🙂

      Take Care,


  1. We just had our first freeze of the year last night, but the sun is golden and the skies clear: part of the reason for our cold temperatures. We need a cloud blanket.

    The colors of the blooms are pretty, but I really like the buds in the second photo. Very nice.

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