Delicate White Bud

After a brief sojourn into the world of abstract photography, I’m back to the dream world which I cherish so much.  It’s the dreamy world of flowers and all their splendor.  If you want to rest your eyes, take a close look at flowers.  That should give you instant relaxation.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


6 thoughts on “Delicate White Bud”

  1. I do love white flowers, and this is a beauty, Omar. The leaves are particularly interesting, the way they nestle around the bloom. We’re in short supply of flowers just now. There are some, but it’s getting cold. so it’s time for many of the plants to settle in for their short winter nap.

    1. Morning my dear Linda:

      Sorry about the scarcity of flowers in your neck of the woods. They’re abundant in Panama all year round due to our tropical climate.

      Everybody deserves a nap, now and then. Now it’s time for Texas flowers. They’ll be awake and wagging their tails in a short time. Spring is a wonderful season to enjoy flowers and their aromas.

      Oh…BTW, I greatly enjoyed your poem about quietness written by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

      Take Care,


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