Dynamic Lines

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

I’ll be starting the year with a series of abstract pictures obtained from the bark of a palm tree.  The colors and textures captured my imagination.  I’ve said many times before, that I’m not a good photographer at any particular genre of photography.  Instead I can be considered a “Generalist“.  Anything than can be captured with the camera will be captured.  Anything is fair game.

Thus these series of abstract pictures of an old orange bark which I found lying on the ground of our front yard.  Good Day!


4 thoughts on “Dynamic Lines”

  1. Hi Linda:

    In abstract works, anything can be perceived by the viewer. I was mostly interested in the slanted lines, which provides a feeling of dynamism. But yes, it could be a bridge as well.

    More pictures like this one are in the works. This year has started off with a gallery of abstract photographs, and of course; flowers will follow. As you know, they are by far my favorite subjects.

    Enjoy the rest of the day,


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