New Head Image For Lingua Franca

Credit: WordPress Themes

Every year I have the habit of changing my main header image.  New year, new life.

I have selected this image because it is closely related to the previous one.  As you can see, it’s a white bridge which connects the banks of a small stream.  It is snowing and the trees on the background are covered with snow.

Even though we don’t have snow in Panama, I love scenes with powder snow covering the fields.  Bridges are symbols of making connections and blogging is just that; reaching out and connecting to the world.

Today is January 1, 2016, and a new slate is before us waiting to be filled with experiences and stories of our life.  May they be rich and intense with dreams and actions for many years to come.  May all our resolutions come true.

Welcome to another chapter of our journey called; Life!

Good Day!

Credit: WordPress Themes

4 thoughts on “New Head Image For Lingua Franca”

  1. What a perfect image, and what a nice thought. Like you, I enjoy snow, and I love bridges. Together with doors and windows, they symbolize human comings and goings, perfectly.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hello Linda:

      As I indicated in the caption of the images, the pictures are not of my creation. They are used by WordPress for their blog themes. But they are perfect, as you pointed out. It was a good match for Linda Franca. Next year? Who knows? Maybe a beautiful bouquet of Panamanian flowers.

      I know what you mean by those covered wooden bridges. A few years ago I viewed a motion picture featuring Robert Redford where the producers filmed one of these regal bridges.

      > photo Bridges.jpg“>

      Happy New Year my dear friend. Tomorrow will be another day and King Apollo will travel once again across the blue dome in its golden chariot. The dry season is here, and we will dive into those lazy hazy crazy days of summer.



  2. Hello Barbara:

    That is exactly the name of the film, “The Bridges of Madison County”. It was a lovely film, and when Linda mentioned covered bridges, the film flashed back to my mind in a second.



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