The Forgotten “Have-Nots”

In most homes in Panama the month of December is a month of excessives:  excessive toys, excessive food, excessive alcohol, excessive parties.  You know what I mean.

The thing is that beyond all those excesses, there is a population than stays in the dark with nothing but nothingness.  For them food is scarce, no presents, no parties, no nothing.  I’m referring to the people who happen to be poor.  The are called “poor“, “have-nots” “little people”, “drug addicts”, “homeless”, “hobos”, “tramps”, and a lot of other derogatory terms.

This is not right.  They are also the children of God and deserve to be treated as human beings.  Let’s open up our hearts and stretch out our arms and touch as many of these persons as we can.  Remember that when you give you also receive.

My wife and I ache for these people who have nothing but a cold and hard bench on a public park which they call home.  Let us all make this “Wrong” a “Right” as 2015 creeps to a halt.  Let’s make 2016 a better year and assist these needy children of God.

Photo ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!

4 thoughts on “The Forgotten “Have-Nots””

  1. Bravo in expressing this, Omar! There are certainly ways our society can take care of these poor people but our governments are breeding excessive greed amongst themselves and the public both. We most definitely have excessives in the US and people raising the young people to want more and bigger all the time. Thank you for the heartfelt post, Omar, much love to you, dear friend~

    1. Morning Barbara:

      Scenes like the one in the picture are quite common in Panama. People pass by as if the needy do not exist, like the man walking beside the person sleeping on the bench.

      We share some responsibility to help these people who have nothing. They are human beings, just like us.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments and blessings to you and your loved ones too.



  2. It’s a world-wide problem, for sure. We tend to be more sensitive to the problems around Christmas. That’s good — but the trick is to remain sensitive in the New Year. That’s much harder.

    1. Hi Linda:

      In our case, it’s a social problem that is getting uglier as the city expands and develops. I’ve see the proliferation of these homeless people grow considerably and yet I don’t see that our authorities are doing anything about it. Even ordinary citizens like us are looking the other way.

      Something must be done to help the people in need. Now!

      Enjoy the firewords later and Happy New Year!



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