A Christmas Elf And Yours Truly

Yesterday was payday for Panama’s “pensionados” or “retirees” in English.  Time to go and buy our food and other stuff at nearby supermarket called “El Machatazo”.  Usually my wife arrives before me, and when she is ready to pay, she phones, and in less time than you can wink an eye, I’m there with my Clave debit card in hand.  Piece of cake.

This time there was a surprise waiting in the venue.  A young and attractive Venezuelan girl was at the entrance of the edifice promoting M&M chocolate and Café Duran’s yellow mugs.  Of course she was the suject to be captured by the camera.  I asked permission to take her picture and she replied, “Yes Sir, you can take my picture but only if you take a picture with me.”  “No problem”, I replied immediately before she changed her mind.

I took the shot and one of her peers took our picture with her cellphone.  We both said Goodbye with a friendly smile on our faces.  My wife enjoyed the photographic scene on the sideline.

Without further ado, this is the lovely Santa’s elf and the elusive photographer.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Santa’s elf and Yours Truly posing for the camera. This time the photographer was photographed, for crying out loud.

Good Day!



5 thoughts on “A Christmas Elf And Yours Truly”

  1. Hello Barbara:

    Well, thank you dear Barbara for that nice comment. Christmas is a period to be happy and thankful as we celebrate the birth of Baby God, in Spanish (e.g., Niño Diós).



    1. Everything happened by accident. She was there, at the entrance of the building promoting M&M chocolates with another girl. She was so lovely, that I could not resist the temptation of taking her picture. Did I say she was from Venezuela?

      She surprised me when she said she would like to take a picture of both of us as a souvenier. Obviously, I said “Yes”. So there you are, another brief moment of our lives, frozen in time.



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