Family Quality Time

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

This is the picture of my wife, Aura, spending quality family time with her grandnephew, Paola, also known as a “Twister”.   The family is the foundation of any country.  Therefore, we must all take part in the consolidation of the family which plays the critical role of keeping together the social structure of our communities.

All too often we see the destruction of families causing havoc across cities and towns in this country.  Frequently the mother represents the head of the family, because the father is gone.  We must stop this dangerous trend of splitting the families apart.

A strong nuclear family consists of a father, mother and their children.  We should keep it that way by promoting strong traditional family values.  Good Day.


4 thoughts on “Family Quality Time”

    1. Hi There Linda:

      Thank you for an excellent article about the subject of this blog post. W. Bradford Wilcox hit the nail right on the head with his statement that, “fewer adults are getting married, meaning more children watch their parents break up.” This is also a growing trend in Panama. Children are being raised by their grandparents who are too old to perform an adequate parenting role.

      “Social policy faces an uphill battle as long as families continue to fragment and children are deprived of the resources of two parents.” This is also true and is the central point of my post.

      I don’t have the answer to this critical social problem, but one thing I do know, something must be done—and fast. The gangs are taking over our communities and crime rate is almost beyond control.

      Best Regards,


  1. This is happening here in the US, as well, sadly. I was not raised this way but now I see many in my extended family having multiple children with multiple partners out of wedlock. It is indeed very upsetting and I have a very hard time even socializing with them because I honestly don’t know them anymore. Just very sad 😦 I love the simplicity of this photo, though.

  2. Hello Barbara:

    Yes, I read Linda’s article which depicts the sad reality of split families in the United States as well. That explains the social pathology of many communities in the States. It is indeed a sad story.

    We try as much as we can to teach the “Twisters” traditional family values. Will they follow our steps? Who knows? Late Doris Day sang a song that said, “Que Será, Será”. So be it.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the photo.



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