My Imagination of a Purple Sky

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

I imagined a Purple Sky today from dawn till dusk.
A gold moon and millions of gold stars lit across this silk sheet of a Purple Sky.
And then it rained streaks of fine gold.
The majestic sky then decided to be very generous and poured down tremendous amounts of Rubies, Diamonds and Sapphires.
All different colours, shapes and sizes.
A great big King then appeared radiant in the Purple Sky and looked down at me with such a delight…
I was atonished with joy!
He was wearing a dazzling gold crown encrusted with millions of white diamonds and a crushed Purple velvet gown with such a long train.
It was certainly a sight for my sore eyes.
Here.. he said come take me hand… I want you to be the Queen of this Purple Sky, but most importantly be the Queen of my Purple Heart….
He swept me off my feet and we sat in the great heights of his Kingdom in the Purple Sky drinking goblets of wine.

A colleague then tapped my shoulder and notified me I was late for a meeting! ! ! ! !
I then discovered something strange as I put my hand into my jacket pocket out appeared a beautiful Purple Ruby ring.

“My Imagination of a Purple Sky,” poem written by Premila Patel

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Photography and poetry make a perfect match.  Good Day.

2 thoughts on “My Imagination of a Purple Sky”

    1. Every morning when I take our wet towels out to dry, I usually look up at the sky to see the cloud formations and of course, the morning lights. When it looks nice, I go back and fetch my camera and take some shots. My wife is also getting the hang of it and pointing up at the different shapes of the clouds.

      Yep, I’m becoming a cloud gazer; it’s lots of fun. Never did it before for more than sixty years. All this time, I missed this show in the sky. But as they say, “it’s better late than never.”



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