Stormy Clouds Hovering Above Panama City, Panama

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Camera:  Canon P&S PowerShot A720 IS


2 thoughts on “Stormy Clouds Hovering Above Panama City, Panama”

  1. I’m waiting for the sun to rise, so I can see what kind of day we’ll have. Yesterday, there was no rain forecast, and it rained all day. Today, it was supposed to rain, but now they’re saying, “No.” Instead of reading the forecasts, I’ll just wait and read the clouds. Yours look pretty firmly intent on rain!

    1. Morning Linda:

      It happens to me too. I don’t the trust TV’s weather forecasts. They’re seldom true. Reading the clouds has been a daily enertainment for us; besides, the scenery is so dynamic second by second.

      There are more pictures of rainy clouds in the works. It has been raining moderately in Panama due to El Niño. The dry season is expected sometime in November. I have a gut feeling, it will be a long and hot dry season. So be it.



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