Green Leaves

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Pictures taken with a Samsung Galaxy S III mobile phone camera.  Good Day.


3 thoughts on “Green Leaves”

  1. Green and white’s such a lovely combination. Leaves can be as pretty as flowers. Some of our wildflowers have green and white bracts. One is called snow-on-the-mountain, and the other is snow-on-the-prairie. Since we never have snow, they’re fun to have around.

  2. Morning Linda and Barbara:

    Flowers and leaves are always a visual satisfaction for weary eyes. Since I started practicing the hobby of photography, I’m more aware of them. When I was working they were never in my radar screen.

    Being Panama a tropical country, there is a wide variety of flowers and vegetation to choose from. I want to travel to the countryside to take advantage of this foliage availability. Budget constraints are keeping me in the city, so I capture what’s within my reach.

    I like the names of snow-on-the-prairie and snow-on-the mountain. Never heard those names before. So much to learn, so little time.



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