Contrasting Architecture Styles in Panama City, Panama

This picture was shot on the Pedestrian Street in downtown Panama City, Panama. The contrast of both buildings is evident. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

7 thoughts on “Contrasting Architecture Styles in Panama City, Panama”

  1. I especially like what appears to be a vine making its way up and around the far corner of the older building. Of course, I very much prefer the older building, too. It deserves the vine!

    1. This is an abandoned building. You can see that the windows have been sealed with cement blocks. Inside, it is full of debris, rubble and vegetation. Part of this vegetation has exited through the cracks of the structure. Those are the vines that you mentioned.

      It is most unfortunate that these magnificent buildings, sooner or later will morph into nothingness. Meanwhile let’s appreciate their exquisiteness while it lasts.



    1. Copy that Barbara. If I were the Mayor of this city, I would purchase this building and restore it and transform it into a museum of art or a gallery of art. It would be a sin to destroy such a regal structure.



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