Idioms: The Hair of the Dog That Bit You

Many of you already know that I have a passion to study English idioms.  This passion is so evident that a reader sent me a book about idioms dubbed, “Websters’s New World:  American Idioms Handbook”.  I have it as a reference book next to my computer desk.  It is a rather thick book full of juicy linguistic information about this interesting subject.

For today’s blog post, I have selected the idiom “The hair of the dog that bit you”.

This peculiar expression is used to refer to a remedy that contains a small amount of whatever caused the ailment, such as a drink of liquor to relieve a hangover. The phrase reflects an ancient practice of putting a piece of dog’s hair, sometimes cooked into an ointment, over a dog-bite wound to help prevent infection.

And now you know another American idiom.  Good Day!


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