Line Patterns

Snapshot of the outer casing of an old air condition unit purchased about 35 years ago. It ceased to operate a long time ago. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

4 thoughts on “Line Patterns”

  1. Morning Barbara:

    At my age I have to do something every day or the aging process will accelerate. That, plus your daily comments bring extra energy into the equation. I’m enamored with photography, and just about anything is fair game.

    You can do it too if you activate your will. Miracles will happen. Believe me.



    1. I so agree with you, Omar, on keeping active. We seem to be so busy that I’m having trouble devoting time to photography, haha, and we are retired. How does that happen? We are heading out to do some kayaking so maybe I’ll bring my camera and see what I can capture 🙂

      1. Can’t wait to see your pictures. Kayaking? That sounds really interesting and full of adventure. Never done it. Never been much of an outdoor’s man during my life. Usually I’m glued to a chair, both at home and at the office when I as working before retiring.

        Good news Barbara. Way to go! 🙂



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