Lights of Dawn

“You’ve gotta taste the light.  And when you see light like this, trust me, it’s like a strawberry sundae with sprinkles.”Joe McNally

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.


4 thoughts on “Lights of Dawn”

  1. Sometimes I can be so slow. It just occurred to me that the cranes used for building, like the one of the left, got their name because of their resemblance to cranes-the-birds. I suspect it never crossed my mind, because we don’t have cranes down here, except the whooping cranes, which are few in number and pretty well hidden away in a refuge. Instead, we have egrets and herons.

    Lovely photo, even with the big, mechanical bird lurking about!

  2. Hello Linda:

    That strange mechanical bird poking its head in the picture, is not a construction crane. In fact it is a TV antenna from my neighbor behind our house.

    Not everything is what is seems. As far as cranes (the bird) is concerned, we don’t them in Panama, though I’ve seen plenty of them flying South migrating away from the cold.



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