Bright Colors on the Line

Photo by©Omar Upegui R.

8 thoughts on “Bright Colors on the Line”

    1. Yes Barbara, it has been a good week, albeit a bit humid and hot. The rains should have arrived by the middle of April, but here we are waiting for the water to fall from the skies.

      Other than a long drought, it has been a smoothful, uneventful week. Taking pictures now and then. It keeps me busy and happy. 🙂

      Take Care,


  1. How did you photograph my week’s worth of laundry!? haha A shirt for every day, that’s my method. This could be a Norman Rockwell painting.

    1. Hi Jim and Nena:

      We also wash our clothes every week to save energy. After retiring, my uniform is a short, tennis shoes and bright-colored sweaters, like the ones hanging in the picture.

      Norman Rockwell, surely rings a bell to me!



  2. It’s easy to see which part of the color wheel this person enjoys! I do enjoy laundry photos — even if they remind me that I really ought to do my own.

  3. Hi, Omar — just wondering if you felt anything of this evening’s earthquake on the Panama-Columbia border. It looks like it might be too far away. I see there aren’t any tsunami warnings, either.

    1. No Linda, I did not. I just viewed the evening news and this event was mentioned. Maybe it was a minor shake. The rough ones take place near the border with Costa Rica.

      I appreciate your concern. Thank you.



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