Metro Stop

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.


10 thoughts on “Metro Stop”

  1. People waiting to be whisked away in our modern invention. Actually, scary when you think about it because we automatically assume we will arrive safely at our destinations. Hmmm, didn’t mean to sound morbid. Have a great day, Omar!

  2. I love it when doors function as windows into a different “world.” And anyone who thinks a subway or train car isn’t another world hasn’t ridden them much!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I fell in love with the Metro since the dirt started flying about six years ago. I think I captured its construction progress with my camera for posterity.

      I plan to ride the Metro again next Sunday to take photos of a beautiful Gothic church in downtown Panama City.



  3. And the best part: NO tranques! haha
    Hola Omar,
    I love the way the people have adapted to Metro use after all the years of Diablo Rojos riding. I would like to see some of the Metro cars painted like Diablos but that is just nostalgia for me. Still, it would be a great tourist attraction, I believe.

    1. Hi Jim and Nena:

      Tranques“, that is a very popular word in this country. It’s getting worse with passing of time.

      I sorry to disagree regarding the painting of the coaches. They look so clean and neat the way they are now. If you open the door, you never know what they will do with those beautiful coaches.



      1. Probably right about painting the coaches, Omar. It would require lots of supervision to keep that from going crazy. The Diablos just added so much color to a drab street setting that I enjoyed seeing them. Riding on them was a totally different issue. Scary.

  4. The Diablos Rojos were scary in more ways than one. Thousands of passengers died because of the drivers’ irresponsibility. Their service became so defficient they had to be mothballed.

    I avoided riding them fearing for my life. Frequently the drivers were stoned to the hilt, and drove at life-threatening speed. I’m glad they are gone. The Metro Buses are a lot better, but there is still room for improvement.

    Those dazzling colors came at a very high price in human lives.



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