Melting Ice in Panama

Last week we went to El Machetazo to buy our groceries.  I was surprised to see a small heap of ice melting in the middle of the parkway.  It doesn’t snow in Panama, so this was a very strange sight.  Later I found out that somebody was cleaning the freezers of the establishment and had deposited a large amount of ice on the parkway.

It’s interesting what you will find out there, therefore always take your camera with you.  You’ll never know when the perfect picture is waiting for you.

The best camera is the one beside you when the perfect shot arises.

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.


2 thoughts on “Melting Ice in Panama”

  1. It’s getting to the time of year when we need all of that ice we can get, don’t you think? One thing’s for sure — there was a time limit for getting this photo!

    1. Hello Linda:

      The sun was so hot that afternoon, that in less than five minutes the large heap of ice, was reduced to the size you saw on the picture. I would have liked to capture the original size of the chunk of ice.

      Anyway it was an unusual scene for a tropical country like Panama.



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