Subtle Daybreak Lights in Panama

A beautiful and serene dawn in Panama City, Panama. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.


A Perfect Day

What constitutes a perfect day?
I’ll tell you one for me.
It’s waking up to birds that sing
a lovely melody.

It’s smelling coffee as it brews
to permeate the air.
It’s having breakfast on the deck
with sunshine everywhere.

It’s standing in my garden
and having time to spend
in choosing fragrant blossoms
to give to my best friend.

I’d call her and invite her
to share a luncheon date.
(We never need a reason
for us to celebrate).
There’d be no time for cleaning house
but then I’d have to say
that housework wouldn’t stand a chance
to make my perfect day!

Then later in the afternoon
I’d bake a chocolate cake
and fix my husband’s favorite meal –
a charcoal broiled steak.

In early eve, we’d take a stroll
and hold hands as we walked.
I’d ask him what his day was like,
then listen as he talked.

When we returned, I’d find my book.
I’d curl up in my chair
to read through pages of suspense
pretending I was there.

When nighttime came, we’d go to bed.
He’d hold me very tight,
reminding me of love we share
before we kissed ‘Good night.’

Contented in the darkness,
in thankfulness I’d pray
for all the blessings God bestowed
on me, this perfect day.

Author:  Marilyn K. Walker


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