Tiny Marble Egg in the Mist

“Humanity doesn’t need more sharpness.  That is not one of the things for which we hunger.  We hunger for beauty, and meaning, for stories, and for love.”David du Chemin

Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.


5 thoughts on “Tiny Marble Egg in the Mist”

  1. Now Omar, I’ve been analyzing this amazing photograph on my phone screen. I think you’re positioned behind a wooden chair and the egg is on a coffee table in front of a couch??
    But what is going on with the misty top portion?! I’m stumped. A reflection maybe? And by the way, I love the effectiveness of this shot.

    1. Morning Desley,

      The set up is correct. I used a dining chair to frame the marble egg perched on a coffee table flanked by our living room sofa.

      The misty top portion was created by moving the camera slightly to create that blurry effect that looks like mist. The blue reflection on the egg and the left side of the chair was produced by a small ring light hidden on the left side of the table.

      It was lots of fun playing with this settings. I am happy that you enjoyed the picture. At least it looks mysterious, in search of a better word.



    1. Hi Barbara,

      Desley is a consumate photography enthusiast from Australia. Her pictures are amazing. I like her work and she hit the nail right on the head commenting this shot.

      I appreciate your kind comments. They keep me going.



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