Streaks of Light In The Sky

Streaks of bright light during the early hours above Panama City, Panama. Shot taken with a Fujifilm X-30 mirrorless camera. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.


7 thoughts on “Streaks of Light In The Sky”

    1. Morning Barbara,

      Thank you. I know that you are an early bird and have seen many dawns in your neck of the woods. I love daybreak when the metropolis is just awakening and the early lights are awesome.



  1. Hi John:

    Thank you for your encouraging comment.

    BTW, I have been exploring your blog, “Latitude Adjustment: Two Wanderers in Panama and Beyond”. I enjoyed it a lot. The main image on the top is awersome. The large orange sun and Boquete in huge letters is very creative. I imagine the names on the image are members of your family.

    The detailed description of your new life in Boquete is very interesting. I have been to Boquete several times, but can’t say I know every inch of the place. I’ll be following your tours and learn how the place looks like.

    Last year I spent a couple of days at Finca Lérida y Alto Boquete. The place was absolutely gorgeous. Took about one hundred and fifty pictures. You can find them here in Lingua Franca by searching for “Finca Lérida”.

    Hasta la vista,


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