“Round and Round We Go In The Circle Game”

Dials of my Fujifilm X-30 mirrorless camera and the shutter button with a bright red cap on top. The cap looks so darn cool. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.


8 thoughts on ““Round and Round We Go In The Circle Game””

  1. Hola Omar,

    I think a red shutter button should be a standard on all cameras. Some of these DSLRs have got so many buttons/knobs/switches that the shutter button gets lost. Then there are the multiple function controls that are dependent on which shooting mode one is using.

    Every time I put my Canon away, I set it for auto focus and auto mode. At least if I need to get a photo quickly, I don’t have to reconfigure and lose the shot. After the first few shots, then I have time to refine what the setting should be. Then again, I AM the laziest guy on the planet. Simplify, simplify.

    1. Hello Jim and Nena:

      I bought the red cap because I thought it would look cute on the camera. And in fact it does. I agree with about simplicity. DSLR camera are far too complex and difficult to use. So much that they intimidate many novice users.

      I’m like you. I like to shoot pictures, not becoming a camera technician. My preferred mode is Program Mode. It allows me to make very simple adjustments without having to go to Berkely to get a rocket science course.

      As you correctly stated, “Simplicity” is the name of the game.” Make it simple and people will come.

      Take Care,


    1. Hi John:

      This is my last blog post. I publish only one blog post per day. I’m sorry you are not getting my blog updates. However, you can look it up by using your browser and searching for this link:


      This will take you directly to Lingua Franca. Thank you for reading my post and welcome to Panama. Boquete is a gorgeous place.

      Best Regards,


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