My Old Chinese Apple-Cloned Cellphone Kicked The Bucket

I clung unto my Chinese Apple-cloned cellphone for an impressively long time before it finally kicked the bucket last week.  A replacement had to be made and the sooner the better.  I’m not a fanatic of cellphones, nor do I want to have the latest kid on the block.  But I do realize that it’s a useful communications tool; specially when an emergency arises.

After diligently researching the Web for almost a week, I finally took the decision to buy a Samsung Galaxy 3S Nuo from a local electronic shop called Yoytec.  Their prices are almost the same as those of Miami, Florida and plus they also accept MasterCards. 🙂

Below are the main specs of the electronic device:

  • Dimensions:  5.38 x 2.79 x 0.34 inches
  • Weight:  4.66 ounces
  • Screen:  4.8 inches, super amoled, 720 x 1,280 pixels, density 306 ppi, multi-touch
  • Memory:  16GB, 1.5 GB RAM, Micro SD card up to 64 GB
  • Camera:  8 MP, 3,264 x 2,448 pixels, autofocus, flash LED, video 1,080p @30 frames per second
  • Operating System:  Android OS v4.3
  • CPU:  Quad-core 1.2/1.4 GHz Cortex A7
  • Radio:  FM stereo with RDS
  • Battery:  Li-Ion 2100 mAh
  • Color:  Pebble blue
  • Price:  $209.90 plus ITBMS 7 percent tax

For the price, the device is a good deal.  It’s a smartphone; meaning that besides being a phone, it’s also a small computer.  There are many productivity applicaations available on this puppy that will compete head-to-head with my Vaio laptop.  I like that, being a computer nerd.

I’m scanning the Owner’s manual to see how much juice I can squeeze out of this phone; specially in the area of photography.  The only problem I’ve seen so far is the duration of the battery.  Even though I use the phone very little, the battery drain is evident.  Last week, I had to recharge the battery every two days, even though I didn’t use it at all.  Seems to me the operating system is too heavy for the battery.  It’s not a big deal, but a bit cumbersome, specially if you have to go out and the device is discharged or with a low battery charge.

Oh, before I forget…  I purchased a protective case specially designed for this phone by Samsung.  It looks exactly like the device with the same pebble blue color and the name of the gadget on the front of the case.  It looks pretty cool.

Below are several pictures of my new Samsung Galaxy S III Neo Dual Sim.

The box is the same color of the phone—pebble blue. It competes in quality and elegance with Apple iPhone boxes. A very nice touch. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R
This is the first screen you will see when you fire up the phone. You swipe your finger on the bottom of the device to unblock it. I’m sure you are familiar with this requirement. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
This is the Home screen with the colorful icons, similar to those on the Apple iPhones. As you can see, the screen is big, very convenient to view your photographs, read books, view videos, movies or surf the web. I’m sure I will use it more as a portable computer than as a cellphone. Photo by ©Omar Upegui

That it guys.  The latest addition to my arsenal of technological gadgets.  Good Day.

12 thoughts on “My Old Chinese Apple-Cloned Cellphone Kicked The Bucket”

  1. I may eventually break down and buy a smart phone. Mine is a flip phone with a pay as you go service that you only need to top up every 3 months to keep active. I just don’t use it unless for emergencies. I guess I’m still in the Dark Ages, haha! 🙂

    1. Morning Barbara,

      Same here. I bought the cellphone essentially for emergency purposes; however, I know I can use it as a substitute computer if need be.

      These smartphone are so powerful, they are much more than a plain phone. For example, you can request for information speaking to the device and it will fetch the information instantly. It’s almost like magic. For example, I tried it yesterday. I asked “Who were the wives of Henry VIII”? Immediately a computer-voice gave me the names and indicated several Wikipedia links for further information. I was appalled at the marvels of technology.

      I encourage you to go fo a smartphone. You will not regret it, if you have a taste for information and technology.



  2. I recently replaced my old Samsung flip phone with — a new Samsung flip phone! I can call and text, and if I need to take a photo of something like an auto accident, I can. (I guess I need to find where I put the USB cord to download pics to the computer.)

    This one has the best battery life of any device I’ve ever had. It takes forever to charge it — about four or five hours for a full charge — but then it’s good to go for a week and even more, depending on how much I use it.

    Have fun with your new one.

    1. Hi Linda,

      The battery is the weak spot of my device. I have to charge it every other day. I think the operating system is too heavy and drains the battery very quickly.

      My next step is to learn how to take photographs. The camera has a capacity of 8 MP which is great to take high resolution pictures. That will be a giant step forward. You know how much I enjoy photography. The new phone will just be a convenient conduit to the enjoyment of my hobby.



  3. Hola Omar,
    The only way I can use a smart phone is if one of my grandkids is nearby. The oldest is 7, the youngest is 3. Both my sons are smart phone users and the kids were raised with the technology so they are not impressed with how much technology is in their hand.
    Nena and I both have flip phones from Tracfone with annual cards and double minutes (or something like that). We rarely use them, mine has something like 4 THOUSAND minutes on it. Mostly they are just for emergency.

    One app that my son showed me would cause me to get a smart phone. The app tracked and displayed every object in the sky, like having your own personal planetarium.


    1. Hola Jim and Nena,

      Smartphones nowadays are really sophisticated miniature computers. You can do just about anything you want with the proper apps. If you enjoy computers, I’m sure you and Nena will enjoy your smartphones.

      Yesterday I found out that I can replace my present browser with Firefox which I prefer because I’ve been using it for over ten years.

      Two of the “Twisters” already have cellphones and they are permanently glued to their hands. They sleep with these gadgets under their pillows at night.

      Yep, technology for youngsters is here to stay. 🙂



  4. I have THAT phone, myself, Omar. Once in a while I even use it to make a phone call. Primarily I use it to listen to audio books while riding the bus to and from David. I’ve even used it a few times to take photos. I can’t find the cord to attach the phone to my computer to download the pics, so I send them to myself as an email attachment. Works fine.

    1. Hi Richard:

      Small world isn’t it? We share the same cellphone model. That is so cool. Now I know who to call when I can’t make it work. Soon I’ll post pictures taken with the phone.

      As you know, it has a camera with 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, flash LED. The secondary camera has 1.9 MP, 720p @30 frames per second. That should do the trick for decent pictures.

      Was the pictures of the two horses taken with your cellphone camera?



    1. Okay. Thank you Richard.I Wish you would write more and take more pictures. I miss your work. I’ll bet the farm, I’m not the only one thirsty for your creative work.

      Best Regards,


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