(Kindly click image to enlarge and appreciate better.) Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “Ontogenesis”

  1. It’s always fun to find something growing in your part of the world which appears here, too. In this case, both the lovely flowers in the background and the varigated foliage quality — they certainly do make a nice combination, don’t they?

    1. Hi Linda,

      Even though sometimes Earth looks pretty big, it’s only a miniscule speck in the Universe. No wonder the same plants, birds, people, traditions, etc. are very similar and almost identical in many parts of the globe.

      We are one, no matter how many flags, languages, cultures, national anthems and what have you, we artificially invent to disunite our oneness.

      I liked this foliage when I saw it while driving around the neighborhood.



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