Frolicking In The Kitchen

Paola and my wife having fun in the kitchen. Paola pretends to be cooking. I shot this picture by surprise. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

7 thoughts on “Frolicking In The Kitchen”

    1. Morning Barbara,

      Pictures like these will long be remembered by the children when they grow up. That is why old pictures are treasured, for they are the living history of our lives.

      I know for a fact, Paola will look at this picture, twenty years from now and remember how she was when she was only a child playing being a chef in her aunt’s kitchen. The price of these family snapshots is difficult to quantify.



  1. What wonderful memories this evokes. I used to “bake” a good bit when Mother did. While she was rolling out pie crust on the counter, I’d be rolling out my little crust on the seat of a chair. Monkey see, monkey do, as we used to say: imitation as education.

    1. Hello Linda,

      Memories, that’s what photography is all about. The Twisters can go back in time and read this blog and trace their childhood. Their life has been documented in many pictures in Lingua Franca as you well know. That is part of my legacy.

      “Monkey see, monkey do”, I like that description of education by imitation.

      Enjoy the rest of the week.


    1. Morning Kris:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures of a girl pretending to be a Chef in our kitchen. Who knows? Maybe she could become a Cordon Bleu chef one day.



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